Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chase was Baptized!!!!!

Chase was Baptised this last Saturday the 12th.  What an exceptional young man he is becoming.  We are so proud of him.  He took it so seriously and was so reverent.  As Chase came up out of the water his younger brother, Cody, said " And now receive the Holly Ghost!"  It was hysterical!  Thanks again to all the family who helped and traveled so far to be apart of this meaningful night for Chase.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Big weekend!

Belly Bad Vs. Belly Good ----Simple...when you are weak and are about to give into temptation, like I was about to tonight by heading on down to the nearest drive-thru to order the first decadent thing that jumped out at me from the menu of iniquity, resist.  Remember your goals! It took me mustering up some long buried self control to turn the car around and drive back home.  It was nice to meet that person inside me...SHE IS AWESOME!

This last Friday our son, Chase, turned 8.  We had a huge Pirate themed birthday party.  He loves being 8 and able to finally attend scouts.  Chase has been counting down the days until he can be baptized(mid-June).  Not long now!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Got the munchies? It's all in the stash!!!! ....and I'm not talking about the bag of leftover candy from your kids birthday pinata that you have hidden away somewhere is your closet to be devoured at your next inevitable hormonal episode. No, I am talking about what kind of tasty snacks are lining the shelves of our cupboards and refrigerators. Here's a few healthy grab-and-go style munchies that I keep handy.  I pulled just a few off the shelves for the pic. No fruits and veggies are pictured because I am not going to dumb-down and insult your intelligence by explaining that in something as simple as fresh spinach there is only 7cals...1 carb....and 0 sugars per serving.   Fruits and veggies are great just be conscience of the sugar an carb intake....SOME OF THEM ARE LOADED.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Belly bad Belly good #2

What's for breakfast?  Isn't that the age old question?  Well If you were thinking along the lines of bowl of lucky charms, cup of milk and possibly something as simple as a grapefruit......you might want to rethink that every day breakfast choice and peer deeper into what you are about to ingest.  The fact is if you were to consume just those 3 items you would overkill on your whole day's worth of sugar and carbs...The proof is in the pudding(no pun intended)...42g sugar, 63g carbs and 337 calories and that is if you only eat ONE cup of cereal.  who eats only one cup?  Now, if upon rising your body is screaming something savory like mine was this morning then there are definitely better options than McDonald's 'Deluxe Breakfast'(featured just above).  I think my arteries clogged just reading the nutrition facts for this commonly consumed indulgent.   The top picture is my breakfast this morning consisting of a 3 egg omelet with cheese, sour cream, salsa, two pieces of toast with butter and jam and 2 sausage patty's.  Sorry for the burnt edges, I was keeping the peace between Chase and Alayna while preparing my feast.  And yes, I do delite in serving my food on a white platter...nah...it was just for picture purposes.  The bread shown is one of my most exciting finds.  Sara Lee 100% Whole Wheat with Honey.  14 carbs and 2 sugars for 2 slices not just one slice like most competitors.  Nature's Hollow is the sugar free jam I used.  It's  made from a natural alternative sweetener not created chemically like those of NutraSweet, Equal or Splenda.   I will get into that another time. Back to the comparison between the two.  Drum role please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........

Belly Good/Mine                              Belly Bad/ McDonald's
220 calories                                       1197cal
18 carbs                                            130 carbs
4 sugars                                             40 sugars

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Belly Bad Vs. Belly Good

I have been super conscious when reading labels on just about everything these days.  Really scoping out the careless use of sugar in our diets.  At first, when investigating, I concluded that there was absolutely nothing out there that I can eat because everything that I ate on a regular basis was packed with hidden sugars, including milk.  I was shocked when it dawned on me how there is so much sugar in one cup of milk.  About 2 months ago I invested 12 bucks into a book called the 'Belly Fat Cure'.  For the first time in my life I felt truly educated on what sugar does and how it promotes spiked insulin levels in the body, aging, organ disfunction and belly fat, the kind that can kill you.  The author is Jorge Cruise.  The goal is to stay below 15g of sugar a day.  It's way easier than it seems!!!  Below I have two very common store bought items that we have all used from time to time when we need something in a pinch and don't have time to whip up a healthy balanced lunch or dinner for ourselves.  Today I ate the Lean Cuisine shown above.  I googled a similar meal by healthy choice and what did I find?  Lean Cuisine won all around in the nutrition department.  Here is the comparison, both are Herb & Chicken.

BELLY-GOOD                                              BELLY-BAD
Lean Cuisine                                        Healthy choice
Calories 180                                                        240
Fat 4g                                                                   5g
Fiber 3g                                                                5g
Protein 18g                                                         15g
Carbohydrates 20g                                           34 g
sugars 5g                                                            15g

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life's to short

I received a phone call from the councilor at Chase and Cody's school today.  I was shocked when she informed me that Cody's teacher, Mr Smith's, one year old son died last night.  He had suffered from pulmonary hypertension.  I am not sure of the details but she told me that it was sudden and unexpected.  He went into cardiac arrest and I am not sure of any details beyond that.  After the call I was overwhelmed and couldn't let go of my sweet little Alivia.  I am extremely grateful for my family, their health and my eternal outlook on life.  I am sitting here typing and listening to the boys running around the house snapping one another with towels, the girls bathing and giggling upstairs and Dave cuddling and cooing with Alivia.  Most nights I am tense with all the chaos.....tonight......I am beyond thankful for the sounds.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello family and friends!!!

I am very thrilled to be starting our family blog!!!!  I will be posting pictures of the family soon.  The learning process has been fun.  I would like to start a weekly quote that will help inspire all of us to move forward in hope.  Just a little something for inspiration.  I recently was privileged to attend TOFW(Time out for Women) where my spirit was recharged.  I felt truly blessed to have experienced something deeply spiritual like that with the strong, amazing women of my family.  We were encouraged listen to the message of hope shared and also to write down what that means to us.  This was the first thought/feeling that came to mind....

Hope is-
 The courage to stand up and become
 what Heavenly father knows that I am capable of
 what I know I am capable of.